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1210 2010 2013 2015 2515 3315 4210 4610 4810 5813 5913 6713 11909 12209 12309 12409 12509 51013 51113 51313 62117 62717 73017 102515 102715 111015 111212 111312 111512 111612 111712 111812 1.6 crop 102915 long pond 103015 volunteer point 111015 prion island 111015 salisbury plain 111115 on deck 11315 undine harbor 11515 grytvicken 11615 larson harbor near drygalski fjord 1dx 1st landing 200400 with and without external extender 26th 2nd male with porcupine quills stuck in it 3002.8 3004 glenn's lens 5 inches of snow 72017 airport 7910 hummingbird moth 7dii acorn woodpecker africa african hawk eagle african pied wagtail african wild dogs agami heron airplane and sights from air airplane trip kwara to lebala airport alafia banks alleghcemvolant alligator farm alligator farm day 2 am boat in the bay american kestrel american redstart and doug anhinga anja anna's hummingbird arctic tern art morris art wolfe artie morris artist arusha national park ashy goose avocets awesome back yard backyard birds bald eagle bald eagles balk eagle baltimore oriole barrow's goldeneye bath bay bc beach bearded woodpecker beautiful day beautiful scenery bee balm bee eater beebalm beechwood farms best day of our stay bird feeder setup bird feeder setup at bonnie's birding with bobby birds birds in puddles on beach birds in yard birds on deck bittern black and green dart frog black backed jackal black brant black collared barbet black oystercatcher black phoebe black poll black throated blue blackbird blackburnian warbler blackcheeked woodpecker blackheaded oriole blackthroated green blossoms on trees blue gray warbler blue jeans frog blue sky bluebird bluegray gnatcatcher bluewinged boat ride evening boat ride on river boatride boats bob bob jump for joy sheep bob's tripod padding bobby bobrobert bonapartes gulls bonnie bonnie in field bonnie's yard bonnies house and yard bosque bosque 2010 bosque de paz botswana botswana 1 botswana day 4 am botswana day 4 pm botswana kwara drive am botswana kwara drive wed pm botswana thurs am botwsana boundaary bay boundary bay brace for lens breakfast brewer's blackbird brian fulton horn brooke insect on purse brown brown creeper bruce burrowing owls buterflies butterflies butterfly buttes cactus cake caleb calibrating lenses calling camp 2 lebala campfire camps 1 2 canada canada geese canon photography canonsburg canvasback cape may carcass island carcass island and west point island carcass island property cardinal carolina wren carolina wren eggs caterpillar cats cattle drive cattle egret celery fields cemetery chalet cheetahs chestnut sided chestnutmandibled toucan chestnutsided warbler chickadee chinese couple chipping sparrow cibola national forest city scenes cliff swallow climbers clouds cloudy sky cmtry cold collared aracari collared redstart colobus monkey colorful common buckeye common loon common merganser conneaut harbor conrad cook cook kids cooper's hawk coot coots cootswater cormorant cormorant's cormorants costa rica coucal courting cowboy cowgirl cows coyote crane pools cranes creative light. tree frog cris cris bonnie cris new 1dx crossbills crow cunkleman picnic cupc day 1 day 1 may 2010 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 6 day 7 day 8 day 9 deck dee and cris dee dee and cris deer desert dinner dogs in action dogs inside dove doves downy woodpecker drawbridge drongo ducks eagle eagle juvenile eagles eagles in harmarville early early am flight deck early light ecoobservatory egret egrets elephant bones elephant seal blowing sand elephant seal remo being highly bothered by tussac bird elephant seals elephants elevator ellenton ellie mae eve drive evening drive falkland islands falklands fall fall colors fall scenery familylady and two kids feathers feeders feeding feeding gulls felts audubon preserve femal blackpoll female harrier female monarch few birds fields fig tree fir seal first day out on zodiac five dogs fl fl. recommended by mikki flamingoes flash use. flat tire with gee bali fledglings flicker flight flight shots flights flilcker florida 2015 with artie card 2 flowers flowers with lauren flying birds foliage food booth fox chapel fox sparrow friday frigid frigid cold frog setups frogs frogs with glenn fruit ft. desoto ft. desoto north shore am ft. flagler full moon fungi garden gardens geese geese eggs gentoo gentoo colony gentoo penguin gentoo's gentoo's jumping gentoo's on egg gentoo's out of water george broke ring lights getting better at exposure giant petrels looking for eggs giraffe gitaffe glatzer class in fl glatzer tech series day 2 glatzer tech series day 3. alligator farm glenn and greg glenn bartley glenn's workshop goats golden plover goldeneye goldfinch goodbye got very cold and windy and ice pellets on face grackle grasses grasshopper grasshopper sparrow grassy area great blue heron great blue heron. cranes at sunset in flight great egret great horned owl babies greater white fronted geese greater yellowlegs green foliage green honeycreeper greenbacker heron greg bonnie low light portrait group photo group shot grytvicken guinea fowl gull gull dog gulls gulls feeding bread hamerkop harlequin harrier harrier female heerman's gull herding sheep at bonnie's herons high iso shots in rec room hippo yawn honeycreepers hooded merganser hooded warbler hooptie deux hornbill horned grebe horses hotel bougainvillea hotel room house finch housing hug humid hummer hummer setups hummers hummingbird hummingbird moth hummingbird moths hwy 1 hyenas hyenas with lions iguana immature eagles impala in the water about 6 hours with waders. indian island indian remains inside jacana james shadle jared hobbs jj john jose josh july junco juvenile king penguins juvenile redtail juvenile redtail hawk juvy ringbilled with saddle kayak kayakers kestrel kids killdeer king penguin king penguins king rail lifer kingfisher kingfisher colony kingfisher pied kingfishers 8 kingston bay kite kiting kudu kwara 1 kwara 2 kwara 3 kwara to leballa kware 4 labala lac le jeune lacle jeune sunrise ladybug pair lagoon 72917 lagoon am wed 72817 lagoon camp lagoon camp and final day lagoon pm lake lake logan lake manyara national park lake tunkwa landscape landscape new mixico largefooted finch lark sparrow larsen harbor last day in botswana and heading home late afternoon ligth least sandpipers lebala lebala camp lebala to lagoon camp. leopard leopard beach 102615 let me get outside to photograph him light lighthouse lilac breasted limpkin lion lion prints at kwara lions lisa jordan duhig little black bird little blue heron lizard locust lodge 1 lodge 2 lodge pics lodge surroundings logan lake long pond longbilled dowitcher look for quetal looks like topi loons loons from kayak lots of cool songbirds on sea lion island lots of small birds luncheon lying in maccaw farm magee magee marsh magee marsh 2015 magee marsh 2015 day 2 magellanic penguin on leopard beach magnolia magpie malachite kingfisher male and female malheur malheur nwr mallard mallards many new friends market marrowstone park marsh marsh wren marshall family reunion may 2013 meadow fritillary meadowlark medard lake meet friends and trip attendants meet hosts merlin merlins metropark michelle's friend julie and guiermo midmorning break mirian's restaurant mockingbird mon 26th pm mon. feb 23 monday am monday eve monkey moon moon set moths motion blurs motmot moulting penguins mountains mourning warbler mt. baker mt. bluebird pair mule deer museum in stanley mystery bay nader and family nashville warbler ndutu 4 near sunset neotropic cormorant nest nests and eggs new 70200 version ii new 800 new members new water drip ngorongoro crater day 1 ngorongoro crater day 2 night drive with spotlight night heron nile monitor lizarx no light northern harrier northern leopard frog nwr oak openings oakum boys observation deck october 15 office staff oh old whaling town on deck on the bridge on way to lodge 3 one stealing pebbles one with mane one without or orchids oregon osa ostrich othello out in open outside overcast owlet in bar oystercatchers paint palm warbler palouse panoramic parakeets pelican pelicans penguin groups penguin portraits penguins people people in glenn's class peoplestaff at kwara perched on tree perfect weather pheasant phoebe says photographers photos around rob and lorraine's home pics from tussock grass mound pied oystercatcher piedbilled grebe pigeon guillemont pileated woodpecker pintail pintail ducks pittsburgh river cruise plants play playing outside pm pm boat in lake pnw point hudson pony pool porpoisint and coming in through the surf port gamble port townsend prarie warbler praying mantis preening printer epson 7900 prion island pronghorn antelope prothonotary pup purple finch purple martin pymatuning pymatuninh quail quetzal quetzal best shots rabbit radio telescopes rain rainy part of time raven raven or crow red and green hanging flower red bug red headed woodpecker red. letchwae redbellied woody redbreasted merganser redbreasted nuthatch redbreated nuthatch reddish egret redeyed dove redheaded woody redheads redish egret rednecked grebe on nest rednecked phalarope redshafted flicker redshouldered hawk redtail redtail hawk redtailed hawk redtails reed buck reiffel bird sanctuary restaurant rhincerson auklet. beach ringbilled gulls full breeding totally white head roadrunner robin robins rockhoppers rocks room roughlegged dark phase round barn royal terns full breeding royal terns in breeding plumage. rte. 285 on way to pymatuning. ruddy duck ruddy ducks rufousnaped wren rufoustailed hummingbird running rwbb sage salisbury plain sandhill crane sandhill cranes sandhill cranes at sunset in flight sara harr sarasota. fl. across the street from sun 'n fun saturday savannah sparrow savegre mountain lodge scaup scenery scenic screech owl from bottom sea lion island seabeck selva verde selva verde lodge semipalmated plover serengeti shackelton burial shackelton cemetery shag shags sheep shenango shorebirds shorteared owl shoveler sidestriped jackal silhouetted cranes silhouetted cranes. clouds at sunset silvery grebe silvery grebes silvey grebe siskins sky sleeting small airplane and selfies small birds smooth snail snow snow bunting snow geese snowcapped mountains snowy owls some magellanic some sun south georgia island south gergia island south gerorgia island sparrow spider spoonbill babies spoonbills spoonbills breeding colors. water spoonies spotting lions squirrel st. augustine staff photos stallion starling starling burchliss stealing rocks from nests steer stellar jay stick bug stilts stork stream striped kingfisher subaru summer tanager sun sunday sunday am and pm. nice weather for the most part sunlight thru trees sunny sunrise sunset sunset from ferry to kingston sunset on ferry sunshine surf scoter surprise birthday party swallow in hole swallows swallowtail swamp sparrow tanagers texas lower rio grande valley that i ran into at the celery fields. painted and indigo buntings. then cleared up a bit then rain then rain blueheaded vireo then rain chestnetsided then rain female magnolia then rain flycatcher thrasher tiger heron tile floor in dining hall todd club too high towhee trail walk new train transfer from lebala to lagoon travel travel from carcass island to sea lion island travel to kwara camp travel to sea lion island tree blossoms trees tricolored heron trillium tues eve 62717 tues late afternoon tuesday tufted titmouse turkeys turtle turtles two banded plover two male lions use fill flash lessons variety of weather vereaux's eagle vervet monkey very large array vineyard in mather virginia rail virginia rail rail visitor's center visitors center vla volunteer point wa waddled stork flight walk beach walked all the way around another pond area walked with back to wind wandering albatross chick wandering albatross chicks. 11.5 foot wing span warblers warbling vireo warm day warthog washington co. fair washington state watched him chase two birds water water tripods waterfalls waterfalls over rocks wb nuthatch weasel tail wed. 72817 weddell seal weddell seals from zodiac wedding wednesday west point island western bluebird western grebe western kingbird with 4 babies in nest western meadowlark western scrub jay westmoreland club white pelican white pelicans white rumped sandpiper white sands whitetailed kite whitewinged dove wigeon wild dogs wild horses willy from netherlands wilson's warbler windy wintry with art morris with art morris. accidentally switched from raw to jpg with conrad with sepxxxxxxzz with the jacksons wood duck wood ducks woodpeckers woods wren yard ycchy weather yellow warbler yellowheaded blackbirds yellowlegs yellowrumped warbler yuri his friend zebra
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